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Why the Pearl? 
Pearls are made by marine oysters and freshwater mussels as a natural defense against an irritant entering their shell or damage to their fragile body. For many organizations, the irritant is the problem that keeps you from achieving the impact you want to accomplish on behalf of your clients.  Pearl Consulting provides your organization and team with the tools necessary to defend against the irritants that can ambush your success. 

Pearl Consulting provides extensive experience in multiple sectors providing proven strategies in all areas of nonprofit management including but not limited to; Operations Management, Fiscal Transparency, Program Design and Measurement, Outcome Data Analysis, Volunteer Management, Strategic Priorities and Planning, Board Management, Innovative Approach, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Storytelling, Communications, Goal Setting, Staffing Efficiency and more. 

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My Story

A dynamic organizational leader with 40 years of innovative and strategic thinking known for implementing objectives effectively and achieving excellent results. My strongest skills are leading change, engaged networking, public speaking, tactical development, community relations, and people management. My career began in Health Care Management with the next 35 years in the fields of small business management, health plan design, nonprofit program design and implementation, public policy, government operations, nonprofit executive management, impact design models, organizational efficiency, thought leadership and more.  Click here for my resume for more details


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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